Yeats & the West | An exhibition of western worlds


This exhibition explores Yeats’s life, work, and legacy through his connections to the west. Rare artworks, books, manuscripts and exclusive images, photographs and film feature in an exhibition that reveals the impact of western heritage on W.B. Yeats…

Holy Icons - Association of Iconographers of Ireland

Bishop Kevin Doran will formally open an exhibition of holy icons on Tuesday 5th of September 2017 at 6pm in the Hyde Bridge Gallery, Yeats Memorial Building, Hyde Bridge, Sligo. The exhibition will run until the 26th of September 2017.

The Association of Iconographers…

Yeats Society Membership Reminder 2017

1th September 2017

Dear Friends

On behalf of the Yeats…

Meditation Restarting 5th Sept 1:05pm All Welcome


How we can use it to positive effect in our lives.

Everything we do in our daily lives is influenced by our minds including our relations with our family,friends and society .Even our relationship with ourselves is…

Creative Writing Workshops - ​Gerard Beirne

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Seán Golden Lecture - Sat 15 July 7pm The Factory

assets/images/events/Golden 2017-07-10 21.26.34.png

An Invitation from Joan McBreen

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YISS 2017 Programme Updates

assets/images/summerschool/The Cat and the Moon-8pm.jpgBlue Raincoat Theatre 'The Cat and the Moon'
by W.B. Yeats

Special Performance 8pm Friday 28, July
Blue Raincoat Present 'The Cat and the Moon' by W.B. Yeats

Young Artists of Russia Exhibition 25th June - 5th July



Lily Lolly Craftfest and Yeats Day 2017

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The Yeats Society
Yeats Memorial Building

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