The Yeats Society, the people of Sligo and the directors of the school, warmly invite you to join them for the two most memorable weeks of your life!

Since the first students gathered in Sligo in 1960, the Yeats International Summer School has become the most prestigious in Western Europe, annually attracting students from every continent of the world.

The school strives to maintain an Irish ambience with an international flavour that is alwasy personal and welcoming. Many notable writers and university lecturers are former students of the school, as is the former President of Ireland, Mary Robinson.

While Yeats may be studied in an international context, he is best studied in Ireland - the country of his deepest attachment - and within Ireland, in Sligo, where he commemorated the landscape in his poetry and wrote it into our imagination. He himself said, "The place that has really influenced my life most is Sligo."

May it be the same for you.

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Post by Young Yeats.