Yeats International Summer School

An engaging event that integrates an academic programme of lectures and seminars with poetry readings and cultural events.

Yeats International Summer School 2021

July 28th – August 6th 2021

We are looking forward very much to a great Yeats International Summer School in 2021.

See our great guests and speakers.

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62nd yeats summer school

We look forward to your support in the future and hope you all keep well and safe.

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To my father, Sligo was home. Sligo was his initial literary inspiration, and the real importance of the Summer School has been to intermingle its academic activities with the haunting beauty of the Sligo countryside. Only in the ‘Yeats Country’ could such a venture have been considered.

Michael Yeats August 1990

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Highlights of the 62nd Yeats International Summer School 2021

Lauren Arrington

Co-Director of The Yeats International Summer School, Lauren is a literary critic and cultural historian. She is author of W.B. Yeats, the Abbey Theatre, Censorship, and the Irish State (Oxford University Press, 2010)

Charles Armstrong

Co-Director of The Yeats International Summer School. He is the author of Reframing Yeats: Genre, Allusion and History (Bloomsbury, 2013).

Roy Foster

Roy Foster is the author of the two-volume authorised biography of W.B.Yeats, The Apprentice Mage, 1865-1914 and The Arch-Poet, 1914-1939. He is also a well known cultural commentator and critic.

Lucy Collins

Lucy is co-founder of the Irish Poetry Reading Archive. She is author of Contemporary Irish Women Poets: Memory and Estrangement (2015) 

Rose of Innisfree

The Rose of Innisfree Tourboat operates on the picturesque Lough Gill. Experience some of the most spectacular scenery, spoken so fondly of by the poet W.B.Yeats

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