​Emma's Blog - My honest (and hopefully not brutal) opinion on volunteering and stuff -

My honest (and hopefully not brutal) opinion on volunteering and stuff.. :)

In all honesty, when it came to talking about volunteering with Youth Groups or societies I was quite sceptical. I, like lots of other people, didn't really see the point. I thought that it would be dreary dull work that would take up my time and inconvenience me, but after I started in the Young Yeats Society…

Declan Kiberd and Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin to collaborate at the Yeats Winter School 2014

The Yeats Winter School takes place at the Sligo Park Hotel and Yeats Memorial Building, Sligo from Friday 31st January to Sunday 2nd February 2014.

Professor Declan Kiberd will direct the 2014…

Spanish Classes at the Yeats Memorial Building

The Spanish Society will be starting spanish classes at the Yeats Memorial Building from October 8th and 9th. Click here for more details of these classes and other Spanish Society events.

The Art of Drawing with Michael Wann at The Model

The Art of Drawing with Michael Wann at The Model

6 week course exploring a wide range of drawing techniques.

Tuesdays, 17th Sept. - 22nd Oct.

11.00am – 1.00pm Beginners;

2.30pm – 4.30pm More Advanced.

Thursdays, 19th Sept. - 24th Oct.

7.00pm – 9.00pm Beginners Night class.

€110 for 6 week course.


We are Delighted to Welcome You to Our Brand New Website

We have been working hard all summer to bring you our brand new website, the new home for The Yeats Society and The Yeats International Summer School under one roof! We hope you like our new look and welcome any feedback you might have for us.

Ongoing Poetry Development

Ongoing Poetry Development:

Over the course of the next few months we will be working with Poetry Ireland, the Verbal Arts Centre in Derry, the Irish Writers Centre and the Literary and Debating Society in NUI Galway to formulate a dynamic poetry calendar for 2014. We hope to be able to facilitate poetry readings, poetry, creative writing and story telling workshops, as well as regional…

Poetry for Schools

Poetry for Schools:

We also hope to develop a number of poetry days for schools over the coming months and are interested in hearing from teachers / students of poetry about what you would like to see in our programme over the coming months. Please contact for details.

Poets Parlour Open Mic

Poets Parlour Open Mic

The monthly Poet's Parlour will resume on Thursday 31st October at 8.00pm. The Poet's Parlour gives an opportunity for aspiring and published poets to read from their own work in a regular open-mic session. Come and share your own work or listen to the experience of our occasional guest poets. The Poet's Parlour will run on the last Thursday of the Month at 8.00pm…

Yeats Poetry Circle


Yeats Poetry Circle:

The weekly Yeats Poetry Circle will resume on Wednesday 2nd October from 10.30am - 12.30pm. Come and gather around the fire for a morning of poetry appreciation. Share your favourite poem and discuss your favourite…

Meditation Classes Commencing at The Yeats Memorial Building

Meditation classes each Wednesday afternoon.

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