2018 Scholarships

Now is the time to apply for

a Yeats Summer School Scholarship

Application Requirements

Your application should specify:

1.Your interest in WB Yeats

2.Details of your own work in relation to the study of Yeats

3.Your reasons for wishing to attend the 59th Summer School

4.Your tutor’s recommendation or other recommendation

5.If you have attended the Summer School on a previous occasion

A new scholarship is being offered for the Yeats Summer School this year. Presented by the scholar Anne Margaret Daniel, it serves to honour the great service and volunteering spirit of Una Lappin who worked tirelessly over many years to support the School and its many visitors from around the globe.

The criteria for a Sligo-based student to enter for the scholarship is:

1. To be in TY, 5th or 6th year or attending a third-level institution in Sligo

2. To tell us why they would like to attend the Summer School

3. To explain, in not more than 600 words, what WB Yeats means to them

4. To tell us, in not more than 600 words, the significance of volunteering in the local community

5. To write a 600 word piece or a poem about the experience at the Summer School - if successful

Email to : info@yeatssociety.com - Please put UNA LAPPIN SUMMER SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP in the subject box.

Post to: Yeats Building, Hyde Bridge, Sligo. Please ensure you mark the application with UNA LAPPIN SUMMER SCHOOL SCHOLARSHIP.

We welcome all applications and we look forward to hearing from you.

The Scholarship Committee will look at all applications.

The Committee’s decision will be final.

Closing date for applications is Friday April 27th at 17:00.

Applications should be sent to info@yeatssociety.com

Please mark your applications clearly in the subject box with ‘Scholarship 2018’

For more information Contact the Yeats Society