2018 Lecturers & Readers

Full programme and information for 2018 to be announced.


Prof Matthew Campbell

Matthew Campbell is Professor of Modern Literature at the University of York, England. His most recent book was Irish Poetry Under the Union, and he is currently writing a History of Irish Poetry. He was Associate Director of the Yeats International Summer School from 2013-15 and became Director of the School in 2018.


Dr Lauren Arrington


Charles Armstrong (Universitetet i Agder, Norway)

Fran Brearton (Queen’s University Belfast)

Katherine Ebury (University of Sheffield)

Hugh Haughton (University of York)

Claire Lynch (Brunel University London)

Peter McDonald (University of Oxford)

Cóilín Parsons (Georgetown University, Washington)

Justin Quinn (University of West Bohemia)

Kelly Sullivan (New York University)

Jahan Ramazani (University of Virginia)

Special Guests:

Poet: Leontia Flynn (Queen’s University Belfast)

Novelist: Mike McCormack (Galway)

Columnist: Fintan O’Toole (University College Dublin)


Martin Dyar (Writer in residence; Washington Ireland Programme)

Peter McDonald (Oxford)

Kelly Sullivan (New York University)

JT Welsch (University of York)

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