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Artist Statement

'It's All in Your Head' Opens Fri 24th Aug - 25th Sep

Rebecca Massey is an Australian born Irish artist based in the West of Ireland.

Graduating with a Higher Degree in Fine Art from Sligo I.T. and an MSc in Film Making from Staffordshire University & Filmbase in Dublin, she has worked across a broad range of media from art and drawing to film production, installation and music, exhibiting works around Ireland and the UK. Rebecca returned to Sligo in 2017 where she now lives and works in Sligo Town.

Her first solo show 'It's All in Your Head - An Exhibition in Three Parts' crosses a range of mediums from traditional drawings and paintings, to installation and digital drawing. The three parts of the exhibition take a twisted but light hearted view of illness, fear and recovery. A playful introspection of both real and imagined emotional responses of the artist to losing time to sleep, being hunted by the ominous Shadowman, an explosive response to contemplating death and the quiet and slow recovery on the part of the artist in watercolours, seeks to poke the darker sides of sickness with a stick, then to run away and hide under the sheets of paper.

Opening Night Friday 24th August 5.30pm in the Hyde Bridge Gallery. Exhibition runs until 25th Sep. 2018.

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