RÚN - Open Call Postcard Exhibition

RÚN - a Postcard Fundraiser for the Hyde Bridge Gallery Emerging Artist Programme

Deadline : Friday 23rd November @ 5 pm

The Hyde Bridge Gallery is inviting submissions for RÚN, our first annual POSTCARD exhibition opening on December 4th 2018 at 5:30 pm.

This curated fundraiser will showcase unique, small-scale works in a variety of media from emerging and established local and national artists.

The Hyde Bridge Gallery is, for now, supported by the artists who exhibit throughout the year. Additional financial support must be generated annually through fundraising initiatives to offer opportunities to emerging artists and meet the needs of the programme.

RÚN will play a vital part in this fundraising initiative. Works from well-known and emerging artists will be shown in the galleries and will be available for visitors to purchase for €50 each. The proceeds will go to the participating artists and our Emerging Artist Programme.

The artworks will be exhibited anonymously, hence our title RÚN (meaning 'secret'). Each artist’s name will be revealed after a purchase. Works will be available for purchase at the opening until the close of the show on Thursday 20th December 2018.

Please Submit:

• Up to 3 works unframed on thick paper or card of any size, NOT TO EXCEED A5.

• Completed application form, available at the Yeats Building or printable here.

• Please provide a stamped addressed envelope for return of unselected or unsold artwork.

All work must be signed on the back NOT the front.

The show will be curated by Hyde Bridge Gallery committee members.

50% of the sale price (€25) will go to the Emerging Artist Programme. 50% (€25) to the artist.

Deliver by post or hand addressed to:

RÚN - Postcard Fundraiser, The Gallery Committee, Hyde Bridge Gallery, Yeats Building, Sligo.

The Hyde Bridge Gallery, runs the Visual Arts Programme of Yeats Society Sligo, a not for profit company. Rental fees charged go towards the day to day running of the gallery. Programme planning, curation and assistance hanging are carried out pro bono by committee members. The invigilation and office administration of the gallery is provided by Tús employees under contract to Sligo LEADER Partnership.

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