Welcome to the Hungarian Yeats Society

Feb 19, 2014


In 2013, I had the opportunity to attend the 54th Annual Yeats Summer School, organised by the Yeats Society of Sligo. As a student of English literature and an admirer of Yeats’s works, I was thrilled to observe the workings of such an accomplished organisation and the commitment of its members to extend their network. Such initiative was the foundation of the International Yeats Society, whose aim is to establish new forums of communication and to aid further research in the field of Yeats studies.

Members of the Hungarian Yeats SocietyWith the support of the Yeats Society of Sligo, I initiated the establishment of a Hungarian Yeats Society in Budapest that would operate as a branch of the International Society, closely working together with the Society of Sligo. In the future our Society aims to strengthen the cultural and academic links between Ireland and Hungary by organising various events of Irish interest for Hungarian audiences and connecting the two countries through the multifaceted literary heritage of William Butler Yeats.

The fundamental objectives of the Hungarian Yeats Society are the following:

- to make Yeats accessible for Hungarian audiences by collecting, editing andMembers of the Hungarian Yeats Society organising translated primary and secondary material o creating our own small collection of Yeats-related texts and other writings of Irish interest o setting up a virtual database for Yeats’s works and secondary material.

- to open new forums (performances, readings, academic conferences, music events, workshops and other activities) to discuss and enjoy Yeats in Hungary

- give special attention to Yeatsian drama: translate and promote Yeats’s plays

- to connect ourselves to the network of Yeatsians all over the world both culturally and academically as active members of the International Yeats Society

- to maintain and develop ongoing links with The International Yeats Summer School and its fellow organisations; The Yeats Society of Japan, The Yeats Society of Korea, and The W. B. Yeats Society of New York"