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Dominic Corrigan

Opens March 15th at 17:30 and runs until April 16th 2019

Artist Bio

Dominic Corrigan lives in Sligo, Ireland. He holds an honours degree in Fine Art. His art has been exhibited throughout Ireland, in New York at the Lockhart Gallery, in The Model, Niland Gallery in Sligo and is currently being shown as part of a group show ‘The Absurd’ by Candid Arts Trust in London.

His work has been published in Irish, French and American Art/Literature journals The Bohemyth, Orio Headless, Bare Hands and Cerise Press, as a featured artist in the San Francisco Arts and Literature Journal, Out Of Our, in the American Arts and Literature Journal, Yemassee Arts and Literature and also in the American Arts and Literature Journal, Thought Collection. He is currently featured artist in The Slag Review Issue 10. Dominic’s work was featured by The Saatchi Gallery as part of their OpArt online Collection and has been displayed on billboards in Belfast as part of the Art in the Eastside Festival and on billboards in Cork as part of The Skart Initiative.

Artist Statement

This new body of work has been developed from thinking on painting for a year and a half and a need to return to it. Within that time I was doing a lot of walking and exploring, creating a lot of photographic imagery of natures colours patterns and scenery. It was during this time that I really started to become fixated with the palette of autumn. I really wanted to capture the glances of light and colour from my surroundings back onto the canvas. Getting back into the studio was a grounding experience . It was good to be back but the thumbnails, sketches and studies at first didn’t seem to have an immediate connection with the body of material I had collected.

But once the painting had developed on the road to a body of work, it became very evident that there was a direct visual communication between what had seeped into my mind and what I was reproducing onto the canvas. That’s why the title is ‘WITHDRAW’ meaning to withdraw something from something else, because even though the work wasn’t an exact representation of the landscape, it became apparent that elements of shapes, colours and pattens referenced in the paintings summed up the work.

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