Upcoming exhibitions at The Hyde Bridge Gallery

Peripheral Visions

Graduate Solo Exhibition Awarded by the Hyde Bridge Gallery

in collaboration with Sligo IT

Opens January 22nd and runs until February 12th 2019

Hazel Mc Crann, originally from Co. Roscommon now lives and works in Cliffoney, Co Sligo. She studied Psychology in the National University of Ireland, Galway which lead to a career working in the then burgeoning online industry. For many years, in Dublin and abroad, she worked designing online experiences all the wile attending Fine Art courses in the National College of Art and Design. After years staring at computer screens she craved a more visceral, hands on creative experience and decided to get more serious about painting. She recently completed her Higher Degree in Fine Art at the Sligo Institute of Technology.

She views her paintings as a dramatic embodiment of thoughts and emotions acted out through the process of painting. The paintings attempt to capture the elusive, or that which lies on the periphery of our vision, our awareness. Through the painting process, glimpses of what lies on the fringes of awareness are offered. She sees her job as a painter as one of attentive and reactive decision making, a place where you either stick to the rules or break them.

“A painting for me is an chunk of captured time. All the dramas and messy complexities of life are played out in the guise of painterly moves, unpredictable events, decisions and reactions. I sometimes think that paintings have the ability to bring into focus that which is seen but hardly noticed. That which lies on the periphery of our vision.”

In 2018 she was awarded the Graduate Solo Exhibition Award granted by the Hyde Bridge Gallery in collaboration with the Sligo Institute of Technology. Several of her paintings have been acquired as part of the Sligo Institute of Technology’s Graduate Exhibition Purchase Award.

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