Summer School Programme 2016


The 57th Yeats International Summer School: 24th July – 5th August 2016.


Caitriona Yeats


Director Geraldine Higgins (Emory University) and Associate Director Ronan McDonald (University of New South Wales).


Registration takes place at the Yeats Memorial Building, Douglas Hyde Bridge, on Sunday 24th July. The official opening will take place at the Hawkswell theatre during the afternoon. A scenic tour of Yeats country concludes with Evensong at Drumcliffe Church, where Yeats is buried. This will be followed by a buffet reception.

Daily Programme
9:30am Lecture 1 Hawk's Well Theatre
11:15am Lecture 2 Hawk's Well Theatre
1:15pm Lunchtime Events Methodist Church, Wine Street
2:30pm–5:30pm Drama Workshop Methodist Church, Wine Street
4:30pm–6:30pm Seminars Yeats Memorial Building
8:00pm Evening Events Methodist Church, Wine Street

Programme of Events at a glance

Sunday, 24 July

2.30pm Hawks Well Theatre

Opening of the 57th Yeats International Summer School by renowned

theatre director Joe Dowling

5.00pm Drumcliffe Church

Evensong with Archdeacon Gordon Linney at Drumcliffe Church

Monday, 25 July

Geraldine Higgins,

Forging Yeats’s Rising.”

Ronan McDonald,

“Idle Trade: Work and Exchange Value in Yeats.”

Lectures take place each morning at 9.30am and 11.15am in the Hawk’s Well Theatre.

8.00pm Sligo Methodist Church

Reading with Kevin Barry

Tuesday, 26 July

Roy Foster,

“Jack Yeats: Painting the Irish Revolution”

Sean Pryor,

“Yeats and Futurity”

1.15pm Yeats Memorial Building

Bilingual reading of Purgatory

Wednesday, 27 July

Angela Bourke,

“When Yeats met Cu Chulainn”

Nathan Suhr-Sytsma,

“Yeats in the Era of Decolonization”

Lunchtime Reading: 1.15pm Yeats Memorial Building.

Jennifer Horne

Thursday, 28 July

Rand Brandes,

“The Field Day Yeats”

Aoife Monks,

“Yeats, Costume and the new Irish Body in performance”

1.30pm Yeats Memorial Building

Yeats Summer School Students Open Mic

8pm Sligo Methodist Church

Poetry reading and launch of Monica Corish's A Dying Language by Vincent Woods

Friday, 29 July

Jahan Ramazani,

“Poetry, War and the Local in a Global Age.”

Q&A Panel

8.00pm Sligo Methodist Church

Poetry Reading with Vona Groarke

Saturday, 30 August

Vona Groarke

Poetry workshop for Yeats Summer School Students

All Day optional tour to Thoor Ballylee / Coole Park.

Sunday, 31 August

Vona Groarke

Poetry workshop:

Monday, 1 August

Bernard O’Donoghue,

“Yeats’s Poetic License”

Roisin Higgins,

“Yeats and Commemoration”

Tuesday, 2 August

Ben Levitas,

“Yeats, the Dancer and the Revolution”

Catriona Clutterbuck,

“'The Wisdom of Being Comforted': Yeats and Solace

8.00pm The Yeats Memorial Building

Film: Mr Yeats and the Beastly Coins

Anne Marie Hourihane & Laura McNicholas

Wednesday, 3 August

Lauren Arrington,

“’Two Girls in Silk Kimonos’: Yeats and the Gore-Booth sisters”

Young Suck Rhee,

“Yeats, the pre-Raphaelites and Eastern Painting.”

8pm Sligo Methodist Church

Poetry Reading and launch of The Seasons of Cullen Church by Bernard O’Donoghue,

Thursday, 4 August

John McCourt,

'"I have met with you, bird, too late, or if not, too worm and early": the eternal circling of Yeats and Joyce'.

Sinead McCoole,

“Yeats, MacBride, Gonne and the formation of national memory.”

Friday, 5 August

Fintan O’Toole,

“Arresting Time: Yeats as Dramatist”

Q&A Panel

1.15pm Yeats Memorial Building

Poetry reading with Sligo Poets

8.00pm Hawks Well Theatre

Cathleen ni Houlihan at the Hawk’s Well Theatre.”

  • The week-long seminars, in groups comprising up to 15 students, meet daily from 4.30pm to 6.00pm. Please make your seminar request at time of booking.

Seminars Week 1

Seminars Week 2

Ronan McDonald, “Yeats’s Ars Poetica

Sean Pryor, “Yeats and Anglo-American Modernism”

Nathan Suhr-Sytsma,The Tower

Rand Brandes, “Yeats and Heaney”

Aoife Monks, “ Yeats and Modernist theatre practice””

Bernard O’Donoghue,The Wild Swans at Coole and Michael Robartes and the Dancer.

Ben Levitas, “Yeats’s Late Theatre.”

Catriona Clutterbuck, “Yeats and Gender.”

Lauren Arrington, “Yeats and the Irish Revolution.”

John McCourt, “The Elegiac Yeats.”

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