2018 Scholarships

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2016 Scholarship Students

Scholarship Closing date is 1st May 2018


There are a limited number of scholarships in memory of Pierce Loughran covering Tuition and Accommodation. To apply, please send a letter of application and a letter of recommendation to info@yeatssociety.com marked Pierce Loughran Scholarship. If you would also like to be considered for a tuition scholarship, please enclose your 100 registration fee (if unsuccessful you will be refunded 75)


There is some financial aid available in the form of tuition only scholarships. Please send a letter of application, a letter of recommendation AND enclose your €100 registration fee to info@yeatssociety.com. If your application is unsuccessful and you cannot attend the school, we will send you back €75 from your registration fee.

Please Note: ALL applications MUST be accompanied by 100 registration fee. This is NON REFUNDABLE if the application is successful. 75 will be refunded if the application is unsuccessful.