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What's on at the Hyde Bridge Gallery

The Hyde Bridge Gallery

The Gallery is a commercial art gallery run by the Yeats Society. The main objective of the Hyde Bridge Gallery is to encourage all artistic endeavours within the local, national and international community. It also provides space for the exhibition of contemporary art, and provides a forum for all artistic endeavours within a historical space.

Located by Douglas Hyde Bridge on the Garavogue River, the Hyde Bridge Gallery is housed on the second floor of the Yeats Memorial Building. Also worth visiting here are the Yeats Photographic Exhibition and the library which provides reading and learning space for students who wish to consult its unique collection of books, and to listen to and view the DVD collection of lectures given at Yeats Summer Schools over more than 55 years.

Currently Exhibiting:

Sligo Tidy Towns 22nd September - 4th October

My Sligo Photography Competition

Sligo Tidy Towns My Sligo Photography Competition. Sligo Tidy Towns held a photography competition in July this Summer and the top 15 entries will be exhibited in the Hyde Bridge Gallery. The winner of the competition was Declan Courell with his picture of a Strandhill Sunset. Second was Noreen Kelly from Carraroe with 'Benbulben Flowers'. Third was 'Mountain Biking' taken by Des Faul. Thanks to all that entered. A gallery of the entries can be viewed on

Upcoming Exhibitions:

Tina Brooks 3rd November – 16th November

Tina lives and works in Strandhill, Co. Sligo, she graduated from the Institute of Technology Sligo in 2006 with a BA Hons in Fine Art. Since its completion, she has exhibited widely throughout the UK and Ireland. Her works can be found in several collections throughout Germany, England, America, Canada and Ireland. My paintings are based on observations of the Strandhill peninsula and its weather, where I now live. I use the natural elements as a primary source for exploration on canvas and paper. Paintings are not pre-planned. I use a method of laying down paint and scraping off. Each layer and brush mark, informs the next. This subjective process allows the painting to “become”. I repeat this layering and rejecting until I can locate myself or recognize the place and weather. Painting is an emotional response by me to my environment and the times we live in.

Coney Island Group Show 17th November – 30th November

In 2013 a wintertime Coney Island residency was undertaken by this group of five emerging Sligo visual artists. Working together in isolation and uninterrupted by the demands of daily life allowed them to share insights, skills and form a temporary creative community on a small Island in Sligo Bay. These artists have used the residency as an opportunity for creative experimentation and exploration. The work in this show comes of sharing living quarters, studio space, materials and experience within sight of, but inaccessible without difficulty, home. This opportunity for development now culminates in a diverse and exciting exhibition related to the experience.

Oliver Tennyson 1st December – 14th December

Oliver lives and works in Co Meath. The things I see around me, like a horse head on the pier of a gate, or a clay swan with flowers growing out of it, that many people would perceive as normal, I tend to perceive as surreal. Inspired by this way of perceiving reality, and with a specific focus on the interest I have in the cultural, historical and spiritual traditions of the island of Ireland, my work can be seen as a fusion or realism and surrealism.