What's on at the Hyde Bridge Gallery

Current Exhibition:

The Whisper of the Bees by Heidi Wickhamassets/images/bees_poster.jpg

Opening Tuesday Sept 27th 6pm

Exhibition runs until October 27th

This exhibition is run in conjunction with Sligo Arts Service, Primary Colours Arts Education Programme. See www.primarycolourssligo.ie for more information on the Primary Colours programme or facebook: www.facebook.com/primarycolourssligo

Artist Statement :

We have a priest in the family, dividing his time between Kilkenny and America. He’s an old man now, and a bee keeper. Wrapped in the parochial house tablecloth, our first hive of bees came up in the back of our VW Caddy van five years ago. Steve said that it was like driving for three hours with two engines.

We have four healthy hives now, each harvest we rob up to thirty pounds of pure Irish gold.

As a maker of animal drawings, I have never really been attracted by insects, but this exhibition is a celebration of all that is bee.

Each bee is born to her work,

Each drone seems happy with his lot.

We have farmed them for honey back in the ancient times, and we farm them still. This collection uses drawing, sculpture and audio visual. I started with the notion of a sound, initially I would have just recorded our bees, but there was something more that needed to be said. We talk all day with friends and strangers, but we whisper in art galleries. Whispering is secrets, reverence, conspiracy, comfort.

Here, it is also the sound of industry.

Bee keeping is surrounded in folklore, ritual, fertility, stories and poetry. Kipling’s poem encapsulates the relationship between keeper and bee. Without bees, our fragile planet would quickly become barren and lifeless, think on that.

I have been using charcoals for about thirty years now, mainly making drawings of animals. Lately I have been adding an oil based pigment to the glazes to bring in a bit of colour. I currently show with The Doorway Gallery Dublin, Whalley Fine Art Belfast, Lavelle Gallery Galway, The Greenlane Gallery Dingle and various group shows nationwide.

T: +353 7191 42693, E: info@yeatssociety.com