What's on at the Hyde Bridge Gallery

Current Exhibition:

Parable (Parabola)


Exhibition by Patricia Curran Mulligan

Hyde Bridge Gallery, Sligo, Ireland.

Opening 30th August 2016 6pm - running Tuesday to Saturday 10am to 5pm until 24th September

Admission free

'Parable' as an exhibition, is an assembly of memories and materials, where the scientific story is a questioning of clues. Looking for someone who is looking for us. Finding evidence does not take you all the way. We search for awareness towards the last step of connection. Faith gives a mental map, looking for revelation of purpose. Here the circular argument allows the story to wander the periphery in a field of material activity. We are found meandering in this body of art work, seeking the core. Fifteen pieces are religiously/spiritually themed and tempered.

The artist journeys outside a safe zone to encounter the unknown and look back. Walking hallowed ground from Israel, Greece, India and Poland, encountering a living theology, an active presence of historical events in sacred places.

It is in that returning to being 'witness', which allow the 'Parable' to come alive, where old traditions hold fast. The discipline of Icon writing in a monastery evokes a meeting point by the artist between contemplative prayer and a making beyond oneself. Gold, the highest order, is used as 'a currency of the precious', to remind of our limited edition of resources.

In 'Birthing Shells', the artist unfolds her own 'Parable' in the organic symbolism of fragile objects, seeking a cushioned arrival of the human, safely home.

Here 'When Planets Fall', the 'Parable' is rewriting itself, the delayed Second Coming, informing us that we already know the story's end. The mantra of the 'Latin Text', props behind a comforting childhood sound memory, a reassurance that all will be well.