Poetry @ The Yeats Society

assets/images/poetrygroup.jpgPoets Parlour Open Mic

The monthly Poet's Parlour will resume at Halloween, Thursday 31st October at 8.00pm. The Poet's Parlour gives an opportunity for aspiring and published poets to read from their own work in a regular open-mic session. Come and share your own work or listen to the experience of our occasional guest poets. The Poet's Parlour will run on the first Tuesday of the Month at 8.00pm (excluding December) until the summer.

Yeats Poetry Circle:

The weekly Yeats Poetry Circle takes place on Wednesday's from 10.30am - 12.30pm. Come and gather around the fire for a morning of poetry appreciation. Share your favourite poem and discuss your favourite poet in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere with an occasional song or story thrown in for good measure.

Poetry for Schools:
We also hope to develop a number of poetry days for schools over the coming months and are interested in hearing from teachers / students of poetry about what you would like to see in our programme over the coming months. Please contact youngyeats@yeatssociety.com for details.

Ongoing Poetry Development:

Over the course of the next few months we will be working with Poetry Ireland, the Verbal Arts Centre in Derry, the Irish Writers Centre and the Literary and Debating Society in NUI Galway to formulate a dynamic poetry calendar for 2014. We hope to be able to facilitate poetry readings, poetry, creative writing and story telling workshops, as well as regional and cross border poetry initiatives that will greatly enrich the literary Arts in the North West of Ireland. If you or your literary arts group would like to be involved in this development or if you are an aspiring poet or writer please contact info@yeatssociety.com.