EIKYŌ - New Works - Cróna Gallagher 16th May

May 12, 2017


This new collection of artworks is an investigation into the fauna and flora of the west of Ireland which has had a direct influence on the artist’s creativity.

The artist takes her influence from the early Edo period of Japanese art and through this style explores the idea of the warrior in nature and the need for indigenous species to protect and defend themselves from the challenges that the modern world and global influence bring.

The idea of a butterfly as warrior with its colourful tiled wings is explored, the scales of a fish, the sting as the sword of the bee.

The myths associated with the natural world and the stories of their warriors are investigated alongside the history and legends of the west of Ireland.

The Collection serves as a reflective celebration of the warrior spirit that resides within the animals and plants of Irelands west and is completed by a series of painted panelled works, triptychs, diptychs grouped pieces, print and drawings.

Cróna Gallagher is a studio holder at Leitrim Sculpture Centre in Co. Leitrim.

She would like to offer thanks to Cill Railaig in Kerry, Tyrone Guthrie Centre, Monaghan, Oberpfӓlzer Künstlerhaus in Bavaria, the Henreich Böll cottage Achill and Ginestrelle, Umbria where material for this collection was recorded and researched, inspired by and completed. She would also like to thank Leitrim County Councils arts office for helping to make this collection come into being, to The Hyde Bridge gallery for their support and kindness and to Marion Thews for her instinctive ability in knowing how best to frame the collection, and to FabLab Manorhamilton.

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