'Echoes' Exhibition

Exhibition opening, 'Echoes' solo show by artist Rosemary Hurrell

Tuesday the 20th of February @ 5:30pm in the Yeats Society Building.

Originally from Somerset, England, Rosemary Hurrell has been living in Sligo for twenty years. Graduating from IT Sligo in 2017 after completing a BA (Hons) in Fine Art, this is her first solo show.

Her work is in direct response to her personal environment and landscape, it is influenced by a curiosity in memory and how stimulation or prompt from our senses can bring to the fore long forgotten memories. She incorporates the investigation of DNA and how our inherited genes may impact our lives. Exploring memory, perception and family history, she questions our place in the natural order, memories that build connections between past, present and future.

Initially inspired by traditional embroidery the three dimensional machine embroidered forms/sculptures communicate a visual representation of the integrated complexities between the union of perceived and true reality.